Get 3 Trending Audio Reel Templates EVERY WEEKDAY with Ideas, Text & Caption Prompts (sent via text and/or inbox Monday through Friday)

Hate thinking about what to create for social media since it’s not your zone of genius? 

If you want hassle-free visibility through engaging, original Instagram Reels, then you need the Stop Drop & Reel Membership.

For only $99/month

For the cost of your daily coffee habit a month, get instant access to Trending Audio Reels Templates and check off your visibility in 20 minutes a day.

We focus on creating incredibly engaging Reels that result in views, comments, and saves - because that’s what the algorithm loves!

Say goodbye to time-intensive talking head videos, dancing, pointing, and cringey Instagram Reels.

Most social media managers are $3k/month (and rightfully so) to help you get visibility from 1 platform. And you could end up with templated quote graphics or lots of extensive scripting for talking head videos.

Our Reel Templates are the low-lift, low pressure way to create videos that will connect with your ideal clients and students.

Let’s stop wasting time trying to come up with the best ideas and find a matching trending audio. We’ve done it all for you.

Instead, let’s stop trying to be like Gen Z and find a way to relate to your audience without dedicating hours to writing scripts or summoning the energy for recording. You’re a human who wants to connect with other humans you can help with your business.

The difference to me is Show versus Tell content.

Tell content is talking head videos usually telling people how wrong they are about something or trying to convince people of their viewpoint.

Show content is giving context to your words. 

I can tell you my values, but you SEEING my values is going to increase us connecting by a WHOLE lot more.

We are truly the solution for getting more eyeballs on your business and offers without paid advertising.

Because your current visibility strategy may look a bit like this….

Browsing Facebook groups hoping someone’s asked a question for you to respond to.

Getting lost in the swirl of contradicting information on posting for social media so you end up not posting at all.

Confused on how to get more people seeing your offer…shouldn’t it speak for itself?

Posting a few Reels without any luck and chalk it up to the algorithm hating you.

Recording a bunch of talking head videos to then only realize your audio wasn’t captured…

A solid way to keep you top of mind with your ideal clients and customers is the missing puzzle piece to hitting your revenue goals.

When you use a proven template that saves you time, energy and money while getting the benefits of a strategic Instagram Reels user, it’s truly a winning combination.

This is what happens…

  • You spend more time in your zone of genius without sacrificing the marketing in your business

  • You generate engagement, leads and sales from a platform your clients hang out on

  • You create original Reels where people SEE your values without questioning them

  • You learn what messaging your ideal clients are drawn to

  • You are confident that your content is reaching the right people due to the messaging and context of your video

  • You bring value to your audience without getting burned out

  • You attract opportunities like guest podcasting and speaking on stage

Ok, but how can I get started already?

It’s time I share who I am and why I created this for you.

Hi new frand!

I’m Jordan…and I have very limited energetic capacity…

You see? I struggle with Celiac disease, chronic fatigue and hypothyroidism - aka if I don’t manage my time well, I get sick. Not to mention when life is lifin’, ya girl has even less ability to work.

So I built my Systems Saved Me® business to help online business owners gain precious time back for the most important stuff like family, health and friends. 

With 9 years of experience in the online marketing space, I wanted to duplicate my results of low-lift, low pressure marketing for those who want to spend very little (but impactful) time on Instagram.

Outside of business, I’m a wife, bonus mom, dog mom, and avid puzzler.

Because I’ve been where you are now (aka hate marketing and social media)...

I know spending a ton of time on marketing can cause you to resent your business.

My first year in business back in 2016….I had 11 posts on Instagram and still made 6-figures a year. 

So I didn’t take social media very seriously.

Until 2019, I realized I could use social media to actually stay top of mind with people and connect as humans. 

I started with the pointing Reels and dancing for no reason…

And that did nothing.

I even gave talking head videos a try, but it was exhausting to write the scripts, record, edit, and hope it did well. That was a lot of upfront time for 1 60-second video.

So I started just filming little moments of my life and putting text over it to contextually support my goals for the video.

I was getting traction at the end of 2022.

I’ve gained thousands onto my email list. Hundreds of thousands of revenue. 

And many guest podcasting, speaking, and guest expert opportunities.

It was wild to me that people resonated with my content so much. It wasn’t aesthetic or luxury. 

It was realistic and approachable.

This method of creating engaging Reels on Instagram allows you to create Original Reels with your own stock video or b-roll while leveraging the boost of using a trending audio sound.

Not to mention, it takes less than 20 minutes per Reel.

You don’t need more Google docs or Notion templates of ideas that leave you to script, film, edit, write and post on your own. 


With our trending audio templates, you…

  • Don’t need a script (0 minutes)

  • Film 20 seconds of you working/living your life (30  seconds)

  • Drop your videos into pre-edited clips in Canva (3 minutes)

  • Complete the mad-libs of a caption (10 minutes)

  • Schedule in the IG Scheduler (2 minutes)

Maybe you’ve tried a few other things…

Like posting on other social media platforms

But you aren’t sure your clients and customers are there and you’d be starting from ground zero instead of at least a little bit of groundwork on Instagram.

Like outsourcing to a social media manager

But you don’t have thousands of dollars to pay for a great social media manager. Plus you usually have to commit to 3 or 6 months of work upfront regardless of ROI.

Like fantasizing deleting your social media all together

But what does that accomplish? Not more visibility for your business. This option doesn’t really solve any of your current problems.

Or maybe you’re a social media manager and just want to create an easier way to pump out really great Original Reels for your clients.

You’re welcome to join as well!

Here’s the biggest question for you - 

If you decide not to join our membership, how do you plan to stay top of mind with engaging marketing and how much time is that going to take up on your already busy schedule?

If you’re still here, welcome to the simplest way to create engaging Original Reels that keep you top of mind with your clients and collaborators.



If you’re still here, welcome to the simplest way to create engaging Original Reels that keep you top of mind with your clients and collaborators.

Just $99/month, cancel any time

You get everything you need to create an engaging Reel a day that keeps you top of mind with your clients. 

You’ll get instant access to…

  • Past Original Reels templates to use

  • Video trainings on how to best write text and captions to go along with your Original Reels

  • New trending audio templates sent via text + email EVERY WEEKDAY

  • Access to new Reels template bundles as they are dropped (retail for a minimum of $49 each)

So how does this all work? It’s only 3 simple steps -

Open your email or text and choose a trending audio template.

Drop in stock video into the pre-clipped spots in Canva

Upload into the Instagram scheduler with your caption and voila!

Does this really work? Absolutely.

My method and skills from doing this for the past few years have allowed me to work with an collaborate with some pretty incredible folks like…

Here's how easy it is to use our Canva Templates:

What would it mean to your business if 100 or 1,000 new people saw your offer this month?

It’s not only possible, but probable with the Stop Drop & Reel membership.

So is this membership right for you?

Stop Drop & Reel is wonderful for you if…

  • You have a digital product, service, mastermind or membership to sell, whether you’re established or just starting out

  • You are looking to have more eyeballs on your offers to generate more leads and sales

  • You know your clients are on Instagram and you want to reach them

  • You’re ready to leverage a low-lift, low pressure marketing strategy

Stop Drop & Reel may not be a right fit for you if…

  • You don’t have anything to sell

  • You want to be an influencer

  • You want to go viral with your first published Reels

  • You don’t want to market on Instagram

Just $99/month, cancel any time

Join us inside the Stop Drop & Reel membership

You don’t need to do Reels, Stories, Carousels, and Lives to get in front of your clients or customers on Instagram or spend $2,000 on a course that’s not up to date.

With these templates, it takes out the guesswork of ideas and execution while benefiting from the natural boost of trending audios on Instagram. 

Just $99/month, cancel any time

If you’re second guessing joining because you’ve bought every content bundle, every Notion template, even other Reels memberships and they didn’t help you - then let me tell you this…

I’ve bought them all too and was left with not a lot to be desired. I still had to do ALL the work so I never even got to benefit from these offers.

Strategy and ideas is one part…but the “doing” is where most people get stuck.

We offer you both with every template we send every weekday. 

And no worries - if you aren’t happy even after 1 month, you can cancel anytime.

No hassle or proof you tried it. Just a simple cancel will do.

These are not like the other templates out there with memes and stock video to use. 

We encourage use of ORIGINAL video - that way no one confuses you or thinks you’re a copycat.

And the original videos we suggest you film are in 15-20 seconds chunks with NO audio and NO scripts.

My kind of low-lift, low pressure vibes.

Just $99/month, cancel any time

Frequently Asked Questions

I’m new in business, will this work for me?

Yes you don’t need to have a ton of experience to use our templates for your Instagram.

I’ve been in business for awhile, will this still work for me?

Absolutely! This is a way for you to get some TIME back in your business!

I don’t have an audience or following on Instagram? Is this an issue?

Not at all, Instagram is pushing Reels from big and small account so no need to be concerned.

Is this only for online businesses? I’m a brick and mortar.

At the current moment, we are focused on online service providers, course creators, and other online businesses. Stay tuned as we are looking to expand in 2024.

Is this for e-commerce businesses?

Not at this time, however we hope to add some e-commerce templates in 2024.

When will I get access?

You will get immediate access to past templates, but moving forward, you’ll get 1 text and email a day with 3 new trending audio templates.

What if I have questions?

Shoot us an email at and we’ll be on the other side of it.

I’m not tech savvy. Do I need a bunch of tools to make this work?

Nope, just Canva and the Instagram scheduler. If you want to use a social media scheduler, you can, but it’s not necessary.

What if I want to post Reels on the weekends when you don’t send Reels?

Good news is you get 3 Reels a day sent to you so you can just use the leftover Reels templates on the weekends if you’d like.

Can I wait and join later?

Sure, but we can’t promise this offer will be the same in the future.

Can I cancel the membership?

Yes, for whatever reason after 1 month, 3 months, 1 year you want to cancel, we will easily end your monthly subscription with us. We aren’t in the business of making it complicated.

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